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Morgantown Art Party

Founded by local artist, Jillian Kelly, the Morgantown Art Party is a 501(c)(3) organization committed to providing a space for creatives to express their talents and connect with like-minded individuals. The idea for Morgantown Art Party originally was to have a space where artists could meet once a month. The organization has developed to become a space to host events such as live music, galleries, workshops, rehearsal spaces, poetry readings, and more. 

Morgantown Art Association

The Morgantown Art Association is a membership program Organization that holds a public gallery space. The organization offers classes and workshops for members from world renowned artists and teachers. The organization is open to all art lovers, and supporters of the arts. .Requirments to be a member of the organization are to only be above 18 years og age. Members are required to pay a due of $35 for a year long membership or $350 for lifetime. 

Monongalia Art Center (MAC)

The Monongalia Art Center was established in 1978, making a home in the beautiful Morgantown Historic Post Office.  The organization is committed to providing affordable