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Our Mission

Our mission is to advance the arts and enhance the community by encouraging investment in imagination, infrastructure, and invention.

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The Arts Council of Greater Morgantown is dedicated to the economic development of Greater Morgantown’s creative industries, including performing arts, visual arts and crafts, culture and heritage, media and film, design, and culinary arts. We invest in imagination and invention by supporting workforce development, entrepreneurial ventures, and job growth in the nonprofit and commercial creative sectors. It is the Arts Council of Greater Morgantown’s privilege to collaborate with individuals, businesses, and organizations to identify opportunities, overcome barriers, and strengthen communities. We also work to raise greater public awareness of our constituents’ talents, products, services, and skills. The Greater Morgantown’s creative class is part of a 21st-century movement that is creating real economic change. We are proud to advocate for the creative industries as a critical regional asset that enhances our quality of life and fuels our collective growth.

Fostering a creative community

Arts Council of Greater Morgantown directly engages citizens and local artists by offering fine arts experiences in an intimate setting, such as our Gallery Without Walls Initiative. Our goal is to stimulate awareness and appreciation of the fine arts by expanding and improving the economic, cultural, and social structures of the Greater Morgantown Area.