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Our Mission

The Arts Council of Greater Morgantown is dedicated to empowering artists, fostering creativity and improving economic vitality, through inclusive art partnerships for a vibrant creative community.

creative network meeting
(Left to Right) Michael McGovern, Connie Mae Moeller, and Kay Fanok sit at a table at the Morgantown Art Bar. A wall of dark colored paintings decorate the wall behind.

The Arts Council of Greater Morgantown leads the way for artist advocacy by connecting our community’s artisans to economic opportunities, shaping Greater Morgantown into a thriving arts haven, defined by talented individuals and an aspirational creative community.

Fostering a creative community

Arts Council of Greater Morgantown directly engages citizens and local artists by offering fine arts experiences in an intimate setting. Our goal is to stimulate awareness and appreciation of the fine arts by expanding and improving the economic, cultural, and social structures of the Greater Morgantown Area.

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