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Public Art


Simply put public art is art in public spaces. Public art enhances the aesthetic appreciation of space and is seen as a unique way to differentiate our community.

Simply put public art is art in public spaces. The term “public art” may conjure images of historic bronze statues of a soldier on horseback in a park. Today, public art can take a wide range of forms, sizes, and scales—and can be temporary or permanent. It often interprets the history of the place, its people, and perhaps addresses a social or environmental issue. Public art can include murals, sculpture, memorials, integrated architectural or landscape architectural work, community art, digital new media, and even performances and festivals!

Art Tour Resources

Enjoy the many available Walking Tours of Public Art in our community, provided by Clio. Clio is an educational website and mobile application that guides the public to thousands of historical and cultural sites throughout the United States. Built by scholars for public benefit, each entry includes a concise summary and useful information about a historical site, museum, monument, landmark, or other site of cultural or historical significance. In addition, “time capsule” entries allow users to learn about historical events that occurred around them. 

The following information is provided by the AMERICANS for the ARTS website

Public Art 101

Public art is often site-specific, meaning it is created in response to the place and community in which it resides. Though an asset to the community, the development and management of public art can be a complex process. Learn here what public art is, why it is important to a community, how it is developed and created, and view a case study that showcases the positive impact public art can have on a community.


The Public Art Resource Center (PARC) is an online portal for professionals and artists to find information and tools tailored for your role in the public art field. PARC will provide easy to access tools and information to assist you in making public art happen in your community. – Click here For More Information

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