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Alisa Irisova

Alisa Irisova is a local artist and digital illustrator that recently emigrated from Russia in 2022. 

Irisova currently is a member of the Morgantown Arts Association where her works can be viewed at the MAA Gallery. While in Russia, Iris was a journalist and writer. She continues her creative passions through painting visual art of various styles. 

Irisova’s works can be viewed through her instagram account: aliks_illustrator. 

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Email: [email protected]

Facebook: alisa.irisova

Appalachian Gems 

Appalachian Gems is a small creative business that designs crystal crowns and a variety of gemstone accessories. All raw crystal crowns and accessories are 100% handmade, allowing the artists full creative freedom in design. Appalachian Gems merchandise can be purchased through their website 

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Email: [email protected]


Beth Keener-Flanery

Art is bigger than life on a wall. Beth’s work is the result of that sentiment. This allows her to interpret her work across different platforms, mediums, and textures.

Her goal is to experiment with design as unique as you. To match its functionality with your everyday life. Efficiency coupled with elegance.

She loves making one-of-a-kind purses in small batches—conscious design with limited runs.

She has worked in the visual arts & creative design field for 30+ years, serving many roles. She is the Public Curation Director for the Gallery Without Walls Program through the Arts Council of Greater Morgantown.

Contact Beth Keener-Flanery

email: [email protected]


IG: @beth_keener



Caitlynn Buckler Art

Caitlynn Buckler is a printmaker living in Morgantown, West Virginia. She is currently studying for her BFA in printmaking from West Virginia University. Caitlynn also acts as the current president of the West Virginia University Printmaking Club. 


A lot of Caitlynn’s work depicts gangly, fictionalized creatures that have taken on an almost godly character arc. Caitlynn Buckler enjoys creating imagery that embraces personal ideas about what makes life meaningful and enjoyable. Her work is both whimsical and mythological while creating a sense of natural and mystical worship. 


Caitlynn has shown her work at Artists Image Resource and Stop Watch Gallery in Pennsylvania.

Contact Caitlynn Buckler

Email: [email protected]


ChancyGlance is a collaboration between the couple artists, Craig and Cydney Debastiani. This dynamic duo’s work features abstract themes paired with bright colors to attract the eye. A major goal of their works is to create a feeling of joy upon viewing their pieces. 

To view more of ChancyGlance’s works, visit their website at 

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Email: [email protected]


Coal Country Woodworking 

Behind the work of Coal Country Woodworking, is artisan John Verbosky. Verbosky began his business of woodworking in honor of his father, Bob, who spent 47 years working in coal mine. A majority of the wood used in creation is sourced locally from Holt Lumber in Fairmont. Verbosky began his work after his daughter requested he create a charcuterie board, a wholesome desire from his family started a wonderful creative business. Verbosky began his business at 60 years olds, inspiring others that it is never too late to find your passion. 

Learn more about Coal Country Woodworking at 

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Email: [email protected] 

Deely Drawings

Behind the works of Deely Drawings is artist Maria Deely, a recent graduate of West Virginia University. Maria’s love of art led to her developing her realism skills with colored pencils. Maria began her art business, Deely Drawings LLC at the age of 19. To learn more about Deely Drawings, visit her website 

Contact Deely Drawings 

Email: [email protected]


Eddie Spaghetti

Eddie “Spaghetti” Maier is a Morgantown artist who predominantly works as a printmaker, using his creative talents to share the gifts of mother nature. Eddie Spaghetti’s works can be seen around Morgantown, gracing the walls of local restaurants and making up a variety of public murals. 

Contact Eddie Spaghetti

Email: [email protected]


Sugar Pop Press

Behind the creative work of Sugar, Pop Press is Morgantown printmaker Leslie Norris. Growing up in the wood of Hancock County has had a long-lasting impression of Leslie’s creative inspirations. Leslie’s work features colorful prints full of eye-catching details. 

To view more of the work of Sugar Pop Press, visit her website at

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Email: [email protected]

Payton Brown Art

Graduated from WVU in 2017 with a BFA degree in Art Education is artist Payton Brown. Brown is continuing her MFA education in painting and therapeutic art at WVU while being actively involved in the Morgantown working artist community. Brown’s talents do not stop at painting. This artist sells original coloring books to spread her love for creative expression! 

Get connected to this wonderful artist through her website 

Contact Payton Brown Art

 Email: [email protected].  


Liz Pavlovic

Liz Pavlovic is a Morgantown artist whose works are featured in a variety of locations around Morgantown. Liz’s work can be found on the drinks in Morgantown Brewing Company, the windows in Morgantown Public Library, decorating a West Virginia-based board game “Hungry for Humans”, and more. 

Liz’s works bring our Appalachian cryptids to life. To check out more of her work, visit

Contact Liz Pavlovic

Email: [email protected]



Behind the artwork of MothraArt is WVU student, Alexis Wilkinson. Alexis is continuing her senior year at WVU studying painting and religious studies. Her works emphasize the abstract nature of her surroundings and the colorful side of wildlife and insects. Her vibrant lines and love for mother nature’s creatures are clearly portrayed in Alexis’s works.

Contact MothraArt

Email: [email protected]


Shapeless Flame

Shapeless Flame, known as Natalie Kovac, is a creative cartoonist and illustrator, specializing in editorial comics, storytelling, and original character designs. Natalie’s work explores themes of nature, the unexplained, and mental health. Explore Natalie’s work on her social media, @shapelessflame or on her website 

Contact Shapeless Flame 

Email: [email protected]



Hippies Color Emporium

Hippies Color Emporium is a local artist that specializes in the creation of acrylic pour fluid art and jewelry. This artist can be found in numerous creative events throughout Morgantown selling their beautiful flowing pieces of work. Hippies Color Emporium can be found on Instagram and Facebook under their artist name. 

Contact Hippies Color Emporium

Email: [email protected]

Expressions by Connie Mae

Connie Mae Moeller is a local oil painting artist that grew up in the woods of Michigan.

She now paints in a style called en Plein air (on location outdoors) upon finishing her education at Spring Arbor University and the Kalamazoo Institute of the Arts, while also utilizing her studio space. This allows Moeller to create realistic paintings that capture the light and shadow she experiences. Her work primarily features oil paintings that celebrate her passion and love for nature.

Learn more about Expressions by Connie Mae at

Contact Connie Mae Moeller

email: [email protected]

Inspired Artistry LLC. 

Louise McFarland is the creative force behind Inspired Artistry LLC. McFarland is a retired teacher and an artist that works with acrylics, encaustics, and alcohol inks. Among her wonderful paintings, McFarland creates leather bracelets and jewelry made from her ink paintings. Being a member of the Morgantown Art Association, McFarland’s works can be viewed during their variety of gallery showings, as well as work being displayed Tonique’s Trilogy Salon. 

To learn more about Inspired Artistry LLC., please visit 

Contact Inspired Artistry LLC.

Email: [email protected]

Michael Green

Michael Green is a retired art teacher from Morgantown, having taught at Morgantown High School, and North Elementary, while also having traveled or substituted in several other schools. Green enjoys a variety of artwork including mixed media collages, watercolor painting, and others. He often incorporates repurposed items such as photos, frames, and old canvases in creating his art.  In Spring 2021, Mike opened Hog Fence Gallery at 357 Brockway Ave in Morgantown, the home of Artwork by Michael Green LLC. 

Contact Michael Green

Email: [email protected]

Terry Lee Lash 

Terry Lash is an accomplished artist from the Greater Morgantown Area, being a prominent creative force since the 1970’s. Lash’s works have been displayed at the Monongalia Art Center, Morgantown Art Association, and more. Lash is currently a member of the Monongalia Art Center and the Morgantown Art Association. Her works are a variety of painting visual art including portrayals of her environment. 

Contact Terry Lee Lash

Email: [email protected]

Sonda Cheesebrough

Sonda Cheesebrough is a local artist and WVU graduate, with a BFA, Emphasis in Painting and an MA in Art. She taught Art in Monongalia County, most recently at North Elementary School for 15 years. 

Sonda is a storyteller, expressing her ideas by combining whimsy and color with the written word. A major influence on her art is essentially the children that she taught. Cheesebrough describes, “Children express positivity in the purest form on a daily basis. On the darkest of days, they paint rainbows, usually without the rain. They draw suns up in the corner of their paper even though it’s against the “rules”.”

“It seems like suddenly one day, I found myself compelled to include all the colors of the rainbow in everything. It just seemed right, complete. It also brought me joy to see those colors glide off the end of my paintbrush.”

Reproductions of Sonda’s work are available downtown at River Fair Trade and at Terra Cafe in Star City. 

To learn more about Cheesebrough, please visit their website at

Contact Sonda Cheesebrough

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: cosmictimber

Facebook: Sonda Folk Art

Sally Brown

Sally Brown is an artist, curator and writer currently based in Morgantown. Her artwork including drawing, painting and performance, explores womanhood, motherhood and the body.  She has exhibited her work in spaces nationally and in the UK.

Brown has won two awards for illustration for Intimates and Fools and Leaves of Absence, both with poetry by Laura Madeline Wiseman. She has participated in artist residencies with Stay Home Gallery in TN and Rhoneymeade Sculpture Center in PA; and will be participating in the internationally renowned artist residency, Proyecto Ace, in Buenos Aires, May 2023. You can see her work donning two trash bins in downtown Morgantown.

Contact Sally Brown


Email: [email protected]

Steve Heap 

Steve Heap is a professional photographer with over 17,000 images in his published portfolio and is represented by several global agencies. He aims to create images that capture the essence of favorite locations – both locally in West Virginia and around the world. As a stock photographer, he has many photos of all genres including travel, product, and food photography.

Steve writes about many of the places and subjects he has photographed on his site – Backyard Image (

Steve Heap Contact

Email: [email protected]