Arts Council of Greater Morgantown


Our History

Arts Monongahela was incorporated as a nonprofit in 1999 to advance the arts and enhance the community. In 2014 Arts Monongahela became the city of Morgantown’s first official Arts Council.

Arts Monongahela grew out of the Morgantown Area Chamber of Commerce’s Vision 2000 Program.  As the Vision matured, it became clear to participants that the whole Morgantown community would benefit from a thriving arts life, but that it lacked an organization specifically designed to promote the arts.

Under the auspices of Vision 2000, a committee of volunteers studied how best to coordinate and cultivate Morgantown’s arts life. From this initiative, Arts Monongahela was formed to stimulate the arts for the benefit of all its citizens.

Arts Monongahela has remained viable thanks to the early and continuing dialogue, research, and support of the area’s major art groups, independent artists, government officials, business persons, and other community –supportive individuals. Community participation continues to maintain Arts Monongahela today.

David Carson

Sopia Schwimmer

Damian Barkley

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