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Bubbles, Bones, and Biscuits


Bubbles, Bones, and Biscuits is a women-owned small business focused on creating artisan dog treats, accessories, and hygiene items at affordable prices. As owners of 5 rescue dogs, the company wanted to provide pet items that include wholesome ingredients, so consumers are confident in the quality they provide for their pets. Bubbles, Bones, and Biscuits

Beth Keener Designs


Art is bigger than life on a wall. Beth’s work is the result of that sentiment. This allows her to interpret her work across different platforms, mediums, and textures. Her goal is to experiment with design as unique as you. To match its functionality with your everyday life. Efficiency coupled with elegance. She loves making

Appalachian Gems


Appalachian Gems is a small creative business that designs crystal crowns and a variety of gemstone accessories. All raw crystal crowns and accessories are 100% handmade, allowing the artists full creative freedom in design.

Alexandria Gaujot


Alexandria Gaujot is the creative mind behind “Art By Alex”. Moving to West Virginia in 2003, Gaujot fell in love with the community, rivers, and mountains` Compared to her home in Ukraine, There are many similarities between the Donetsk Province and West Virginia, both located on the 38th Parallel, both regions are known for coal,

Alisa Irisova


Alisa Irisova is a local artist and digital illustrator that recently emigrated from Russia in 2022. Irisova currently is a member of the Morgantown Arts Association where her works can be viewed at the MAA Gallery. While in Russia, Iris was a journalist and writer. She continues her creative passions through painting visual art of

Abby McClure


Abby Latocha McClure is a native of North Central West Virginia and a graduate of Fairmont State University with a Bachelor’s in secondary art education. Abby teaches middle school full-time and remains dedicated to producing original work outside the classroom. Being raised in West Virginia by an outdoors-oriented family, Abby has connected spiritually to the

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